The Sound Effects Show

19-26 June 2022

Presented by Hunter Drama

The Mid-Year WOWFest


The world around us is a very noisy place. It’s full of sounds: wind, talking, chainsaws, laughter, YouTube, a running shower, message alerts, a strumming guitar, a crackling fire, car horns, barking dogs and, if you listen very carefully, you can even hear the silence. Each group of students will be given a random sound effect to use as a stimulus point to create a short 10 minute performance to be presented as part of The Sound Effects Show. Guided by their tutors, students will work with their classmates during term 2 and explore the world of playbuilding. With a focus on ensemble work and building the fundamentals for performing in front of an audience, a simple sound effect will bring the stage to life! Being on stage in front of people is one of the most nerve-racking things you can do in life, and for many of our students this will be their first time. For others more familiar with the stage, they will be nervous to try something new or to take a risk. But as we say to them all the time: if you want something, you better make some noise! 

Running time 60mins


19th June  - 2:00pm - SHOW A

19th June  - 7:00pm - SHOW B

20th June  - 7:00pm - SHOW C

21st  June  - 7:00pm - SHOW D

22nd  June  - 7:00pm - SHOW E

23rd  June  - 7:00pm - SHOW A

24th  June  - 7:00pm - SHOW B

25th June – 2:00pm - SHOW C

25th June – 7:00pm - SHOW D

26th June – 2:00pm - SHOW E


  • Saturday 25 June 2022 2:00 PM
    7:00 PM
  • Sunday 26 June 2022 2:00 PM

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